For those of you who follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you should: _ablankspace_) you know I was in San Antonio/Austin, Texas the past two weeks visiting family. While in Austin I visited a local thrift/vintage store called Monkeys Vintage & Thrift. It is quite possibly my favorite thrift/vintage store of all time. They have a great hand-picked mix of vintage pieces and thrifted items! The store has a great vibe with the visual layout/aesthetic, and price points are low (not Goodwill low but not vintage high).

At this store I picked up this awesome vintage button-down shirt.  I was crazy for this great jungle print with a lurking lion amid the pattern. (disclaimer: it’s from the 80s and originally had HUGE shoulder pads that I easily snipped out; so don’t ever let shoulder pads stop you)

Here is how I styled this fun vintage shirt:


Turtlenecks don’t rule out necklaces…Tip: Jewelry layered over your clothing (necklaces over turtlenecks, bracelets over sleeves etc.) is a way to update any basic look.


Add interest to an outfit by exposing your layers. Tip: A great base layer for colder months is a turtleneck. They keep you warm while adding something extra to an outfit.


H&M Off-White Turtleneck | Safari Patterned Button Down | Straight Leg Levi’s | Express Gold Collar Necklace | Off-White Converse |

This was a fun look for my holiday at home. How do you style vintage or thrifted clothing? Let me know in the comments!