A few weeks ago I featured this season’s Ballet Trend on Trending Tuesday. The first item on my list of must-haves to master this trend was lace-up flats.

Lace-up flats have been a part of the shoe scene for a few seasons now, even though this ballet inspired trend is fairly new.  So…what’s changed? While we categorize any lace-up flats into the ballet trend category, the ballet inspiration can be more heavily seen in a rounded toe and a ribbon vs. string lace-up.  The problem: My flats are pointed toe and have a string lace-up.  While these are still perfectly acceptable to create ballet inspiration in an outfit, I want more! However, I don’t really like the idea of buying another pair of lace-up flats, especially when I don’t wear last year’s shoe….solution: Update Last Season’s Lace-Up Flats!

As stated above, true ballet inspiration comes from a pointed toe and ribbon lace-up. Obviously (I think) I can’t change the pointed toe….so onto the next feature: the ribbon lace-up!

Easy fix – To update last season’s lace-up flats swap out your string lace to any variety of ribbon for the lace-up!


Seems easy enough, right? Just replace your shoe lace with a piece of ribbon the same length. Not only does this update your lace-up flat, but it opens up endless possibilities for your flats. Different ribbon will create various looks for your pair of flats….1 shoe turns into infinite variety!


This idea seems easy enough, but the problem I ran into was the ribbon (even thinner strands). They are too wide for the eyelets of my shoes.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to lace your flats if you too run into this issue!

Step 1: Accordion fold the ribbon as small as needed for it to fit through the eyelets
Step 2: Using a needle, pull a piece of string through the top folded section
Step 3: Loop the string back through another time, to ensure the needle and string can’t be pulled from the ribbon
Step 4: Now use the needle and string to lace the ribbon through the eyelets.

You will want to start lacing at the top (heel end) of the flat and lace from one end to the other.  If you start lacing at the toe, you’ll have to re-string the needle at the other end of the ribbon and lace one side at a time.

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Now these flats have more POP! I’ve already tried them with two different ribbons and have even more waiting!

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