…basically my motto in life. Yes, I am an adult napper, and I’m not ashamed!! I love sleeping. That’s why when I saw this graphic sweatshirt at Clockhouse (C&A) I HAD to have it! And here is how I styled it up:

I love a fall color palette: jewel tone green/teal sweatshirt with mustard! I match the leaves!!! Tip: Not sure what colors go for what season? Look to nature for color inspiration. If you match your surroundings you’re probably in the right color ball park!


I added just a little something extra to the outfit with a statement shell ring! Tip: For a less curvy girl (me…I’m basically a block) shop men’s jeans! They’re less “hippy” than women’s and often fit my square frame better! These are a men’s straight leg jeans.


Don’t be afraid to play around with layers…Blazer over a sweatshirt! The rule is: there are no rules. That’s the best part of cold weather!

What’s your favorite activity (if napping counts as an activity)? Let me know in the comments below!

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