One of the hottest trends right now is looking like you just stepped off stage from a production of Swan Lake. Yes, that’s right, I am talking about the ballet trend. The best part about this trend is it can be done in so many ways. It’s not limited to a single item or even look!

There’s so much variety, from a tulle dress that looks like you are actually wearing a ballet costume to something as simple as ballet flats. It’s great because that means everyone can wear it…you can adapt ballet-inspired pieces to fit your own personal style!

Today I am going to share with you the 5 ballet-inspired pieces you need to master this trend (as well as how to style them into your everyday wardrobe).

1. Lace-Up Flats

Nothing says ballet more than pointe shoes…but no one wants to walk around in those painful things. So rock the next best thing: a flat inspired by the iconic pointe shoe! There is so much variety in this ballet-inspired shoe: pointy toe, round toe, silk lace, suede lace, studded, patterned, pink, black. You can go from looking like you may actually be wearing pointe shoes to just black lace-up flats…whichever works for you.

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Here I have a Lace-Up Flat that’s somewhere in between the styles of pointe shoe: rounded toe, silk lace up…but in black, the perfect addition to any wardrobe (who doesn’t wear black shoes)!

2. Something Tulle

While you can rock tulle in various ways (dress, skirt, even shirt) the most iconic way is the skirt-reminiscent of a tutu. We all loved tutus as little girls, whether you were in ballet or wore it for Halloween. And now we can enjoy them as adults! They’re as fun as they ever were. Just a little tweak can turn this costume piece into a sophisticated skirt.

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I love the fullness of this Tulle Maxi Skirt, and the pink color is perfect for highlighting the outfit’s ballet inspiration. There’s so much variety in finding a tulle piece…Tip: Don’t just pick an item because it’s tulle. Take your time to find something that matches your style and something you can see yourself getting a lot of use out of.


4.  Body Suit

Now this one is trickier…not just ANY body suit showcases the ballet inspiration. Some you can’t even tell are body suits. You need one that is inspired by a leotard: something strappy or backless is best (my backless leos were my fave)!

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This Criss-Cross Back Bodysuit is SOOOOO ballet.

3. Wrap Sweater/Top

Those who didn’t take years of ballet may not know the popularity of a wrap sweater. It perfectly layers over your leo and keeps your warm between classes! Get to know the beauty of the wrap sweater and rock this trend for fall!

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Here is a classic Wrap Sweater. Tip: Find these easily at any dance supply store, near you or online! If you’re not feeling this classic silhouette there are plenty of edgier adaptations available, just anything that wraps or has a wrap silhouette.

5. Ballet PINK! 

This is a more subtle way of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe (depending on the piece you choose). But it still resonates as a nod to the ballet! Go on, be pretty in pink this fall!

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I am LOVING pink this Fall. This color is soft, fun, and flirty…especially in contrast to the normal Fall palette.  So here instead of showing you an outfit (I think you can make an outfit if you’re choosing any item) I am showing some favorite ballet pink pieces I found in my search!


  • To be subtle in your ballet-inspired pieces choose adapted versions of the classic pieces. They’ll still be reminiscent of ballet but are usually edgier/funky! Also be sure to only wear one trend piece at a time.
  • To go full-on ballerina choose pieces that are as close to the classic ballet attire as possible (maybe even some actual dance attire). Style multiple trending pieces together…you’ll be ready to jump on stage at the next showing of The Nutcracker.

As you can see there are so many ways to do this trend, whether you’re subtle in your ballet inspiration or go full-on ballerina…leaping onto this ballet band wagon is the best! The most versatile trend out there!!!

What are your ballet-inspired outfits? Tell me about them in the comments!