I am loving Beanies for this cold weather. I’m always sharing trending and DIY items, but what about just a great must-have for cold weather.

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Beanies are the best because:

  1. They a great way to accessorize an outfit! Basically jewelry for your head, just something extra to add to any outfit. And there are so many beanie styles you can find one to match just about anything (style, outfit, etc.).
  2. They also really help keep you warm. Did you know that the majority of heat escapes your body out of your head? Yeah, so a beanie is a great deterrent against losing body heat! This one simple accessory is like wearing an extra layer!!
  3. They’re also a great way to cover up undone, messy, or dirty hair. I hate washing my hair, especially in the winter when it’s cold. When you wake up and your hair is looking a little greasy or maybe you don’t feel like getting “done up”…throw on a beanie for the day! The lazy girl cold-weather hack!!!

Ok so there you have it 3 Reasons why beanies are the best for cold-weather…need I say more?! I don’t think so, 3 is the magic number! So go out and get yourself a beanie if you don’t already have one…and if you have one, continue to build your collection. Maybe add some more variety to your basics!

Here is my shopping list of Beanies to have this season; my top picks of what’s out there!

Basic Neutrals

Animal Print



The 90s


What’s your favorite cold-weather accessory? Let me know in the comments.