Trending Tuesday…you probably know by now the trending boots for fall. They include sock-fit heeled booties (ankle to mid-calf height), the always appropriate Chelsea Boot, and of course the sexy over-the-knee heeled boot.  Now, within these categories there can be slight variations, but basically that’s all the boot versions we’re seeing for fall.  And since that’s all there is to say about those, this post is not going to be about that!

Instead it’s about the boot trend that’s missing. The one that all of us have from last year. The riding boot!

Let me tell you a little story…

Earlier this week I was sifting through my closet, and I came across my tall boots from last season (fall 2015). Three weeks into fall and they had yet to be featured in any outfits. I became enraged, so irritated by the ever changing waves of the fashion world.  These boots are basically brand new. I purchased them at the end of the season last year to replace my worn out faves. I knew I was moving to Germany and would need boots for the cold and this rider style had lasted two seasons. I figured they’d surely be in style again, but this (once) fall staple has now become obsolete.  It’s not fair. I waisted approximately 3 lbs of luggage space for these boots, and I’m not even going to wear them! Another fit of rage rushed through me…you know how many graphic tees that type of weight could fit?!?! I will not stand for this. I am going to wear these boots!

I figured this is a problem most people have: how to style last year’s items to fit this year’s trends? So here I am with a not-so-trending item, showing you how I am going to restyle these boots to make them Fall 2016 appropriate (hopefully without looking SO 2015…eye roll).

The trick is to style them with current pieces, in a way that is 2016 not 2015. I will show you 5 outfits to wear with your tall riding boots to make them feel current!

1. With Trending Denim

Trending denim for fall: recycled/reworked denim, mom jeans, patchwork, and embroidery.  What do all of these jeans have in common…they are usually a relaxed fit! So swap out your skinny jeans for any relaxed pair of denim to update the look of your boots.

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You can wear them 2 different ways. With the boots under the relaxed leg of your denim or tucked into the boot. I prefer to wear my boots overtop my jeans; under the jean doesn’t work for me because most of my jeans are cropped. So the problem for me is fitting the wider leg jeans into the boots without getting them all bunched and awkward. Follow this simple styling trick to fit your relaxed leg jeans into riding boots.

Now you can wear this season’s hot denim with last season’s boots to update the look. Not to mention getting to wear all your favorite trending denim pieces!

2. With Velvet

What is hotter right now than something velvet? Right! So add a touch of velvet to the outfit and…BOOM! Instant update that creates a chic look.

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(It’s also a way to keep your boot with a skinny jean if you’re not so comfortable with the relaxed denim tucked in look.)

3. Something Oversized

Right now silhouettes  are growing, literally. If you don’t like the look of your relaxed denim tucked into a skinny boot, opt for an oversized top. The volume on top will not only update the “look” of last season’s boot but will bring a nice contrast to the slim silhouette created by the skinny jean.

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4. Under a Skirt

What better way to update these boots than to ditch the pants altogether! No PANTS!!! Ok, so this one is a little out there. But paired with the right skirt (denim or something with a middle slit) it creates a unique look that is relevant right now. Right now style is all about having fun: the more creative the outfit the more fun = the more current!

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5. Wear them as Over-the-Knee Boots

The other option is to rethink the boots altogether. These boots for example are a tad higher than most “riding” style boots, and they have an over-the-knee flap (this may not be possible with shorter styles). Paired with an over-the-knee sock you can create the illusion of an over-the-knee boot, and as stated above, that’s one of the trending boot styles for fall. So now you’ve taken an outdated style and reworked it to appear to be something new!

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Check back later this week to see how I wear MY tall “riding” boots leftover from last season!!

What do you think? Would you wear last season’s boots? Let me know in the comments below.