I think we can all agree Kendall Jenner is a style star.  It was this look that I couldn’t get out of my head. So I figured it was time I created this shirt for myself.

And here it is…a DIY to re-create this extra Deep-V Graphic T-Shirt.

1. Pick a Graphic

First things first, you need to pick a graphic tee. I suggest for your first go-round finding something inexpensive as a trial run.  Definitely don’t do this to your favorite Tee. You never know exactly how it will turn out, and you may dislike the style later. No need to ruin your go-to piece.

I would also suggest one with a larger graphic. I wanted a rock band concert tee but was unable to find one that I LOVED; so I went with this Vive Les Femmes Tee from H&M.

Tip: You want it to be oversized to create a loose silhouette. This will balance out the sex appeal of the cut-out chest.

2. Mark the spot where you want your Deep-V to drop

Tip: Actually put the shirt on to make sure it comes as low or high as you like. You can try and gauge it with the shirt off, but you may not realize exactly where the graphic rests on your body.

Mark this point with a pen. Trust me, it will become hard to visualize while cutting. Making a mark will give you a point of reference while you’re cutting and a clear destination for your scissors.

3. Turn the collar over and see where the seam ends.

You need to know how far the collar hem comes down inside of the shirt. It is usually lower than where the seam is on the front of the shirt. If you cut along the outside stitching it will cause the hemmed portion to hang out when you wear it.

4. Now that you know how far below your collar seem to cut, pinch the fabric and make a small incicsion.

All you need is one small slit to start the cutting process (shown below).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
5. Now cut along the collar hem line (in both directions)

Tip: You can cut as far along the collar as you like. The farther you cut (up to the shoulder seam) the wider your v-neck. The wider the v-neck the more of your bralette (and boobs) will be on display.

I cut my shirt pretty wide, an inch and a half from the shoulder seam. This is because I had already tried this project once and knew I wanted the V-Neck wider in order to show more of my bralette (my first shirt barely showed anything, just cleavage).

6. If you need to, go back and clean up your cut. You don’t want it to be all jagged.

You can leave the jagged edge if you like, but I like the look of a clean cut, even in a distressed shirt.

7. From the edge of your collar incision cut down towards your V-Neck drop point

Now you are beginning to cut your v-neck “hole.”  You cut from the end of your collar incision down to the first pen mark you made.

8. Repeat step 7 for the other end of your collar incision


You want to repeat step 7 for the other side. Again cut from the end of the collar incision down to your first pen mark point.  You will cut out a triangle shape piece of fabric. Thus creating the v-neck.

9. You will want to again go back and clean up your cuts (if needed)

Try to even out any jagged cuts that occurred. Usually this will happen on the opposing side to your cutting hand. So if you’re right handed like me when you cut the left side it will not be flush causing some jagged edges. It’s ok. It can be fixed just by trimming it up after.

10. Now try on your shirt and make sure everything is to your liking. Then start tugging on the fabric (around your cuts)

Tip: Tugging on the fabric curls the edges. It’ll make the shirt look like it was “made” to be this Deep-V and not a home DIY project.

You can also go around and make more cuts to distress the shirt. Make incisions where you like them and again tug the fabric to curl the edges and to pull apart the slit to create holes. You can also cut small half-moon shapes out of the edges of the collar and sleeves to create more distressing. On the collar and sleeves (where the fabric is folded over and then hemmed) cut small chunks out of the top layer of the doubled up fabric (so you can see more fabric through the hole). All these distressing techniques come together to create a fun distressed grpahic tee with an extreme Deep-V Neck

Tip: I like to wait until I am wearing it to determine where I would like the holes to be placed.

Deep-V Graphic Tee