Easy and breezy…that’s what I went for with this look!  I was out running errands and wanted to be comfortable but still look put together.  You know, “dress like you’ve got something to do later.” I chose an easy (but chic) outfit combo of a long-hem button down shirt, distressed girlfriend denim, and  converse. You can never go wrong with this 3-piece outfit!


I am loving this new   long-hem button down top (windowpane pattern). It was an impulse buy, but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Will this print ever not be amazing?!  Also, the material is so light and airy, perfect for when you’re busily running around for a day.  I also love the longer hemline. Here I just let it hang, partially open, but the possibilities for tucking and layering are endless (not to mention the ability to wear it casual or for work)!

Tip: Buy a girlfriend jean 1 size down to create a slimmer leg shape. The result: a relaxed skinny jean.

To keep with the relaxed look I was wanting (comfort is key), I wore this top with my favorite pair of distressed girlfriend jeans.  These have to be my most worn pair of denim. The holes aren’t even stringy anymore (maybe its time to retire them, but I just can’t). It’s because the girlfriend fit is my favorite! They’re all the comfort of a boyfriend jean but no saggy crotch (I know they’re boyfriend fit, but anatomically we’re not boys…). The jeans fit snug, but with a little extra space. “So much room for activities!”

I put on the top and jeans and with a glance in the mirror I felt like something was missing. Sure, I was just running errands, and it was a complete outfit. But I like all my outfits to have some unique style…and this classic combo just wasn’t cutting it. I tried a few accessories, but in the end I decided on a popped collar and a suede choker wrapped around.

suede-chokerI was thrilled with how the idea turned out! You will for sure see more of this accessorizing as we move further into cold weather. Turtlenecks won’t keep this girl from her chokers! I added a little more interest to the outfit with my fun vintage basket purse…just to spice things up a little more.








I have to admit, not the best purse to run errands with, no cross body or shoulder strap. But hey, at least I looked good! And it was big enough to fit all my recyclable grocery bags in to use later at the store. That’s the glass half full way!


If you’ve been following me you know I have been wearing A LOT of sneakers lately. So in true  ‘me’
fashion, I finished my look with yet another pair of sneakers! I can’t get enough of them now that I live in the city. Walking everywhere (literally miles per day) will kill your feet (blisters in other shoes are my main issue). But I keep comfortable by rocking my tennies! These off-white leather converse are sooooo comfortable and look awesome too.

All in all, it was a great day. And what started out as an easy outfit for a busy day turned into a funky fresh take on a classic combination!

What’s your favorite outfit combo to stay chic during a day of running errands?

After a long day of running all over town, I decided to take a load off at our local park.  Taking in all the beautiful scenery that Bochum City has to offer!