Another unusually warm day in Bochum, YES!  I brought so many warm weather clothes and had to immediately shelve them upon arrival (after the move). But all this unusual weather is giving me the opportunity to wear the items!

Another day of getting away with shorts, double YES! The slight breeze in the air forced me to pair them with a fun cropped sweater and create possibly my favorite outfit ever!


I have been in LOVE with this sweater since I first purchased it back in April, yes April. I knew I would someday have a purpose for it (because I sure didn’t during the Arizona summer). And today…I got to wear it, FINALLY!  I love wearing things for the first time, so fun to break in new items (yay for new clothes)! I was so excited to break this bad boy out.  I just love the full lace-up detail on the front, gives a little sexiness to the coziness of an oversized sweater.

It is part of the Express One Eleven Collection. If you have never shopped this collection you should right now, like right now…It is the most amazing collection of basics (sweaters, tees, tanks, body suits, and bralettes).  Everything is cute and SUPER comfy! Now, because this purchase was made months ago the item is no longer available, but below I have some links to similar pieces.

Nasty Gal: Lace-Up Sweater (Black)

With Chic: Lace-Up Sweater (white)


I paired the sweater with some shorts. Remember when I said winter would have to pry them from my cold dead hands? I wasn’t lying. I’ll be wearing shorts until I’m on the brink of frostbite cause it’s so cold out (Arizona girl all the way).

Along with the “new” sweater, I also wore these amazing fringe shorts for the first time (this outfit was one of many firsts!). I deconstructed these shorts over summer using this DIY Frayed Denim (from Honestly WTF) but hadn’t had the opportunity of wearing them before now.

These shorts were thrifted, and let me remind you to be open minded when thrift shopping. These shorts were the weirdest! They were knee length and loose fitting. Almost the cut of a man’s jort…but I knew they would be perfect for this sort of project!

Levi’s: Long Shorts (to DIY)

If you’re not into DIY then below are some great option for frayed-hem shorts and some jeans too, you know for those who aren’t willing to risk frostbite:

Yes Style: Frayed Hem Shorts

Top Shop: Frayed Hem Jeans


I am loving  Neck Scarves  (possibly, slightly obsessed). I said you would see more of it from me, and well here we are…I accessorized this outfit with a great red bandana and a flat gold collar necklace.  I am very minimalist when it comes to jewelry; I never want my outfits to be too busy.  I loved how the red popped against the white, and the gold peeked out from underneath. Just a little Bling!

Urban Outfitters: Red Bandana

Express: Gold Necklace (without the charm)


Due to all the walking I’ve been doing lately living in the city, I have been getting great use out of my sneakers (as well as trying to build up my collection!). These white platforms are some newbies I purchased here in Bochum, and have been wearing ALOT.

Amazon: Platform Sneakers


After wearing this outfit full of newness, I can’t get enough of all these pieces. You’ll definitely be seeing this sweater around soon.  But I am especially into the fringe of the shorts and now NEED to go get some frayed-hem jeans for winter!

Show me your frayed denim look!

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