Bonjour mon amour! This graphic tank is an oldie but goodie (probably my favorite, and definitelly my go-to). So, naturally I had to break it out for this transitional summer-> fall look!

Nasty Gal: Graphic Tees (They have an awesome selection right now!)


How do I take my shorts and tank outfit from being all about summer to chilly weather ready? Add a blazer! A black blazer is a wardrobe staple, and this one is extra fun with the exaggerated shoulders.

H&M: Black Blazer


I’m not ready to give up my shorts just yet, winter will have to pry them from my cold dead hands. I love these relazed fit cutoff Levi’s (thrifted). They show just enough leg and cover just enough butt (I hate shortie shorts that show your butt crease, yuck).  I accessorized with a western inspired black/silver belt.

ASOS: Mom Shorts

ASOS: Western Belt 


Another way I took the summer out of this look was by adding a bootie. These patent leather ankle boots are my new obsession! They look AMAZING and were so comfortable for all day walking.

ASOS: Patent Leather Bootie


I would have to say my favorite season is this trasition time. Where (somedays) it’s still warm enough to wear your summer clothes, but just need to give them a little something extra in layers (that you can’t afford in the dead heat of summer)!

How do you reinvent a summer look for fall? Tag me @_ablankspace_