Ok, so normally on trending Tuesday I like to share a trend that I think everyone should try and give tips on how to wear said trend. But something has popped up on my radar lately that I just can’t ignore and would like to get off my chest as well as hear from you.

Awhile back I’m sure many of you saw all the posts on “this ugly shoe trend.” They were in regards to the Dr. Scholl’s slides. But these sandals were not all that ugly. In fact, with our current styling throwback to the 70’s, these sandals seemed to fit that category (my mom owned pairs just like them back in her day).

But now they have gone too far…by now you have probably seen the articles chronicling Christopher Kane’s Spring 2017 collection…where he collaborated with Crocs!

I’ll be honest; they’re some of the most comfortable shoes ever (I am even guilty of buying some for my mom, but even she only wears them to walk the dog). I mean, whatever happened to the age-old saying, “beauty is pain!” However, fashion these days has been trending away from this idea with athleisure, relaxed-fit denim, oversized bombers etc.. Do these stray too far? I get it: why shouldn’t comfort transition into footwear? It seems only natural? Well, wear a sneaker dammit!

Crocs, while comfortable, are not great for your feet. They don’t have enough heel support with the small, often loose-fitting strap, AND they don’t provide enough support under the arch (shank), which is the most important part of a shoe! (New York Post) So if you’re sacrificing beauty for comfort at least choose a shoe that is good for your foot.

Even in all their bejeweled(-ness) and with their chic patterns, they are a travesty! They remind me of little children at Disneyland. You know, the Crocs that have Donald, Mickey, and Goofy “charms” poked through the shoe holes. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in no way yearning to re-live the fashion choices of my early years (…well I would take back my Polly Pocket sneakers but definitely not my matching skort/top sets).

Perhaps this shoe, not unlike the 70s throwback of the Dr. Scholl’s sandal, is befitting for the current trend in our clothing. What’s more chic right now then having embroidery/patchwork on your denim? And this is more than slightly reminiscent of those Looney Tune’s overalls you once had as a child (I know we all had at least one pair. Mine were Tweety Bird)? Maybe Crocs actually fit right in line with new fashion pieces.

By the looks of other blogs, it seems the audience is split on whether these are genius or ridiculous (comment below with your thoughts). I am not persuaded. I don’t ever see myself jumping onto this bandwagon. So Crocs…

See you later, alligator.