Espadrilles! Yes, we all love them–a summer ’16 must have. From the first sight I knew I had to have them. So I went on the lookout; I wanted a suede/leather, black, thick flatform sole, and ones that had straps to lace-up around my ankle.

While there was never a shortage of espadrilles anywhere, they were never exactly what I envisioned. Well, none within my budget (I was trying to keep <$60 but would compromise for the perfect pair). Then, I found these:

Gaimo Espadrilles ($28 at Marshalls). These are handmade espadrilles from Spain. And they are AMAZING! They feel like walking on small personal clouds specially crafted for each footstep. They were a must! Great Brand! Great Price!

However, they still were not exactly what I had envisioned. Don’t get me wrong, slides are amazing, but I wanted those lace-up ankle straps. After some debate at the store I knew I had to have them and would make them work.

All they needed was the ankle strap!

So, here is how I created my DIY Summer Lace-Up Flatform Espadrilles.

You will need a razor (box cutter, exacto knife, or anything with a thin, straight, sharp edge), a sharpie to mark with, and tweezers.  For the straps you can use whatever you like. For this I used material that matched the shoe: leather cord.

You can make the straps as long as you like, but you need that 4x over (2 straps for each shoe).  My straps were a yard each (4 yards of cord total).

1. Indicate with a marker where you will make your first incision for your strap

Your straps should be attached in an inconspicuous place. I marked my incision as low and close to the corner edge (heel end) as possible. Be sure not to mark too close to edges; you don’t want your straps to rip out.

2. Make another incision mark 2-3 centimeters from the first (toward the toe)

Make this second mark parallel to your first. The two incisions will create slits to weave in your straps and tie a knot.

3. Now use your sharp edge tool to create the slits from your previous markings

The best way to do this is to use small strokes. You don’t want to make the incisions too small (your fabric won’t fit through) or too large (they will stretch and be loose or tear).

4. Use the tweezers to hold the edge of your strap fabric

You need the tweezers because your slits should be tight enough to not easily lace your fabric through. The tweezers will help to create a taut end to shove through the openings.

5. Place the tweezers through the slit closest to the heel edge from the inside

Be sure to start from the slit closest to the heel or your straps will face toward the toe of your sandals.

6. Do the same thing for the other slit, this time pulling the strap toward the inside

To know you’ve done it right, the loop that you created should start from the inside, loop on the outside, and end back inside the sandal.

7. Now loop both ends together to start a knot

You’re going to want your first loop of the knot to have your long end (your strap) to face toward the toe of the sandal.

8. Loop the end together one more time to create a knot

Be sure to have your long end (strap) going toward the heel end of the sandal.  If it is tied the opposite way, when you go to tie your straps it will create a gap between the sandal and your foot.

Pull the knot as tight as possible to make it fairly flat and glue your knot.  The glue will help to make sure your knot stays tied (use hot glue or super glue).

This is how your knot should look.

Repeat the steps 1-8 for the other side of your sandal. Try to make the other strap placement symmetrical to your first.

Repeat the process again on your second sandal.

Now you have created a lace-up ankle strap for your slide sandals.

I realize now that slides are awesome! But when it comes to esapdrilles, lace-ups are the way to go!  I am still so happy that I turned these flatforms into lace-up sandals! They are easily my favorite summer ’16 shoe.

The next time you find sandals that aren’t ideal hopefully this article’s convinced you that with a few steps you can easily make them everything you wanted!

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