A t-shirt and jeans can feel so mundane day in and day out (for those of us who have the luxury of dressing down most days).  I am constantly trying to find ways to add more to this simple outfit formula.  That’s why this week I decided to focus Trending Tuesday on something that would do just that: Neck Scarf.


When I first saw neck scarves re-appear on the scene I thought, “nah, pass.” They just weren’t for me.  Then, I was in a thrift store and came across this awesome scarf.  The silk material with a bandana inspired paisley print, I couldn’t pass it up!

Now, I needed a way to wear it.  I tried the classic front knot tie (pictured above). Turns out I liked this trend more than I thought and am glad I finally decided to try it.  But even more than that, buying this scarf forced me to think of other ways to wear this trend (since I wasn’t sold on tying it around my neck).

I came to realize: the possibilities are endless!  All this out of just one scarf and a simple outfit of a tank top, jeans, and sneakers. I can’t wait to try a classic bandana scarf, a scarf with an off-the-shoulder top, a scarf with a button down . . .Too Many Styles, SCARVES EVERYDAY!! Ok no, that might be getting a little carried away. But seriously, Go Get a Neck Scarf!


Tie me up, Tie me down! I am loving this trend. I am sure you will see me rocking it again!

-Shop my favorites below and find your perfect scarf-

Striped Pocket Square

Multicolored Print

B/W Stripe

B/W Polka Dot

Orange Printed

Knit Scarf

Silky Solid Scarf

Basic Bandana 

Show me how you styled yours!

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