The latest trend in jewelry, chokers! We all love to wear them, but do you like to buy them? I know I don’t. Sadly, I have fallen victim to this over-priced purchase before. I bought this choker from Aldo while on vacation, $15!!!


You may have already realized that I’m a fan of a bargain and a little do-it-yourself to pinch pennies. So, here is my style hack for the leather/suede wrap-around chokers: Buy the strand of leather or suede straight from the source!


Your local craft or fabric stores, such as MichaelsJoann’s, or Hobby Lobby, will carry various forms and colors of these fabric strands. You can usually buy them in a 2-3 yard package ranging from $3-4. Or if you prefer you can find the trim by the yard and have it cut in any increment that works for you. I typically just buy the whole package, and keep it the full length for maximum wraps around my neck.   This leaves you with various ways to style the chokers too!


You can even add charms to dangle in the middle if you’d like. Or maybe you want it to have something at the ends like the one from Aldo. Whatever the case, doing it yourself will not only save you major $$$ but allow you to design it to your every desire.