I am obsessed right now with this new denim trend! RECYCLED DENIMI had been searching high and low for the perfect pair; however, many were just more than I wanted to spend on a pair of “trend” jeans (Secretly I hope this is not a trend and is here to stay, but until that verdict is decided I don’t want to splurge). I came across a pair at Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal Recycled Levi’s Frayed Jean – Indigo)…but still $69.


I observed the image and realized I could make these! So I headed out to the thrift store. It took a few stores and heaps of denim to find the right fit. I cannot stress enough the need to find a fit that is flattering and comfortable for your body. If you want a more vintage/classic look try and stick to classic denim brands such as Levis, vintage Gap, Wrangler, and Lee. This pair of jeans fit like a glove and were the perfect straight leg cut to work for a recycled denim look (they happen to be men’s jeans; so try on everything! Nothing is ruled out in recycling clothing). You could also try this with a boot cut jean to get more of a kick flare shape.


So, I took them home and immediately put them on. I figured out how high of a cut I was wanting, maybe an inch or two above the anklebone (This can vary based on what you’re looking for). I started by cutting off an inch or two at a time, and after each cut I tried them on to figure out how much more to cut. Remember: you can always keep cutting, but you can’t go back from a cut.


Cut them in increments until you hit that desired length or rise, and then throw them into the wash. Washing will create that frayed/distressed look along the fresh cut edge. And there you go. Now you have your own recycled denim, and instead of costing $69 + they cost $4-10.